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Prayer Apps

Pray Today - Daily Reminder


Pray today: This is one of my favorite apps. I have been using it for a couple of years. It motivates and helps me to remember to pray four times a day. You can set it as you like. 

Daily Prayer App
This is new and I just started using this one. It is user-friendly and reminds me throughout the day to stay in prayer.

Meditation Apps

Headspace: Sleep & Meditation

It is a fantastic app with lots of ways to grow spiritually 

It is very comprehensive and particularly good for learning how to meditate.

Great relaxations geared toward sleep. Highly effective “sleep stories"
and offers many individual exercises. This app is Less structured and includes  Calming sounds in background. The App isn’t the most intuitive and is Limited free content
Smiling Mind: Meditation App

Smiling Mind has guided meditations and activities designed specifically for children, including easy one-minute meditations and fun guided meditations like The Bubble Journey.

This app is free and designed for children 3 and up. Meditations start at one minute long to help children build on the practice. They are great for the whole family ! Children will need a phone or tablet to use the app. Email address is required at sign-up

Ten Percent Happier Meditation
Great for beginners and easy to use. This app is good for sleep and stress. Hundreds of meditations available.
There are Live group classes with time to ask questions. It has an above-average membership cost and not great for more advanced practitioners
Healthy Minds Program

Meditation & Mindfulness App
O My Soul: Meditation & Sleep

Christian Meditation & Faith App
Breathing Zone
Guided Breathing for Mindfulness
Centering Prayer
Christian Meditation & Centering Prayers
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