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Christian Spiritual Learning Lab

You are invited to participate in a Spiritual Learning Lab!

What is a learning lab? 

A learning lab is a short period of time during which a disciple of Jesus undergoes eight sessions every other week of focused spiritual training to strengthen their soul and refresh their hearts. This can be a married couple or a single person. 


What will I learn?

In a learning lab, you will learn important insights and practices for your spiritual formation and well-being.

  • How to care for your Soul

  • How you grow spiritually 

  • How to be refreshed and renewed by God

  • A healthy Spiritual Rhythm of Life 

  • How to use the Spiritual Disciplines that strengthen your Soul


What is the commitment?

The commitment involves daily time, attention, and effort for 16 weeks.

Time: One two-hour meeting every other week for 16 weeks. Eight meetings total.

Daily (Mon-Fri) reading, praying, and journaling. About 45 min a day 


Cohorts: Comprise 5-15 individuals: couples and singles. You will be added to an age and experience cohort, or you may come as a group, team, or staff together 


When: We will set the meeting according to the availability of the group. 


What does it cost? 

$180.00 per individual

$300.00 per couple


When does it start? 

We will be starting in May 2024.


Who is leading the group?

Robert and Michele Carrillo. Robert is getting his doctorate in Spirituality from Fuller Seminary and Michele is being trained as a Spiritual Director. Both have been Christians over 40 yrs and served in the ministry over 35 years. 


How do I sign up?

Please email us at

Please provide us with your name, age, and why you wish to do this in a few sentences. We will then let you know if there is still room and availability. Please sign up as soon as possible! It is first come, first serve. 

What People Are Saying

Tacho Coronado, San Antonio TX

Spiritual labs are pivotal in helping you expand your relationship with God. The lab was an absolute breath of fresh air.
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