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About Us

Who We Are

Robert Carrillo MDIV and Michele Carrillo


Robert Carrillo has his Master of Divinity from Pepperdine University and is currently completing a Doctor of Ministry with a focus in Spirituality at Fuller Seminary in Los Angeles.


Robert and Michele have served as missionaries planting churches in the United States, Latin America, and the Caribbean. For 35 years they led congregations training ministers, deacons, and elders throughout the United States and the Caribbean. For four years, Robert provided leadership and oversight for HOPE worldwide as Executive Director of Global Operations. Honoring God's call, Robert and Michele have served faithfully coaching and teaching on every continent of the world. They recently moved to Long Beach, California to continue their work in God's church and to pursue a doctorate in spirituality. They are currently pursuing their calling to provide spiritual formation for disciples in Los Angeles and around the world. They also provide spiritual formation for Spanish speakers at


Our Mission

The goal of our ministry is to provide quality spiritual teaching and training for mature disciples around the world. It is our hope to be able to devote ourselves full time to this important ministry. By faith we are currently phasing out of the full-time paid ministry in order to devote more time to spiritual training for mature disciples. Please support our efforts. We believe walking with God is the most important action of all our lives. Following Jesus is the solution to our  hurting world. Churches are suffering for lack of spiritual connection and maturity. To this end we devote our time and talents. Robert is completing his doctorate in Spirituality at Fuller Seminary and Michele has been receiving training for Spiritual directorship.


We have built this website as a resource center for all things involving spiritual formation and development. We offer The Way  ministry as a clearing house for Spiritual Formation and Soul Care resources from across our fellowship and around the world.


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