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App Recommendations

If you are someone who values the spiritual disciplines, there are excellent apps available to help you establish and maintain your daily routine. Here are some of our recommendations

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Reading Recommendations List


Check out our list of recommended books for Spiritual growth!

(Links for purchase included)


Podcast Recommendation


Wrestling With Faith
By Joshua Taliaffero, Tacho Coronado
& Hannah Coronado

Great Resources for Training & Development


River Front
Spiritual Coaching
Jeanie Shaw


Counseling Services


Embrace The Sabbath
Spiritual Formation

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Waters of Rest
Sabbatical Coaching
Joel Peed

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Marriage Intensive
Marriage Retreats
Dr. Jennifer Konzen

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Blessed Coaching

Enneagram Coaching
Barri Lusk

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Bible Meditation
Bible Meditation & Mindfulness
Virginia Lefler

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Eremos Ministry

50 Spiritual Prompts & Practices


While some theologians name as many as 75 spiritual disciplines, we have chosen to focus on 50 that can be practiced while alone on a spiritual retreat. Some of the practices may be new to you and even seem strange, but we encourage you to not shy away from experimenting with different practices that can add new dimensions, depth, and joy to your relationship with God.

Spiritual Direction

Diana Steer

Anchorage, Alaska

Jim Long

Atlanta, Georgia

Lindsay Long

Atlanta, Georgia

Tracy Jones

Stoughton, Massachusetts 

Spiritual Training

Joel Peed

Sabbatical Coaching &

Minister Wellness

Sean St. Jean

Ministry Consulting

Professional Therapy

Jennifer Konzen

San Diego, California

Public Audio/Video
Lecture & Presentation Series

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