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Membership Pricing

Choose Your Membership Plan

The Way Memberships will have access to all English Content. Buen Camino Memberships will have access to all Spanish Content. Please select the plan that best fits your needs.

  • The Way Monthly Membership

    Every month
  • The Way Annual Membership

    Every year
  • Buen Camino Monthly Membership

    Every month
  • Buen Camino Annual Membership

    Every year

Why Join The Way Community?

Spiritual Formation


We provide individual and group spiritual training designed to help meet your needs.

Spiritual Workshops

Spiritual Workshops designed to offer deeper teaching and training in the spiritual disciplines.

Small Church & House Church


Receive focused training for your small church or house church.

Hundreds of Resources

We have hundreds of sermons, links, reviews and other resources to help you grow.

Meditation Practices

Lessons and training for learning about the art and value of meditation.

Soul Sisters

Women's studies on spirituality, maturity and discipleship.

Give Global Support

Support our ministry by donating to the global ministry fund or providing scholarship funding for those who need help but can't afford it! Michele and I hope that this ministry can thrive so that...


  • We can provide materials and resources for disciples around the world in underdeveloped countries

  • We can offer free resources in Spanish for Latin America.

  • We can dedicate ourselves 100% full time to serving the global church with spiritual formation.

  • We can receive our  support from The Way so that our church salary can be used to support young couples training for the ministry roles.

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